13 Memes That Perfectly Describe My Response To Avengers:Infinity War

SPOILER FREE It took me two days to process the ending of Infinity War and I don't want to talk about it because it's not just sad, it's emotionally damaging to my soul. You get it, right? I CRIED. Good thing I brought tissues with me. When I was going to see it I had... Continue Reading →

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Marking My Territory 

Via the daily post Territory My hollow ribcage rattles in response to your I love you. The 'I love you' whispers that you leave on my forehead, on my cheeks, trailing down my neck, lighting up my spine. Saying it like a mantra...I love you... I want you... I crave you... I need you. Saying it... Continue Reading →

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Love Game

I love you so much that it hurts. It was wrong to believe that putting all of me in us will fill the void in me. It hurts. It hurts enough to end everything and return to the cold aloof feeling. Put on the mask of 'I never cared anyway'.This indifference is my disguise. But... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder whether I should write about everything I think. You never know which thought will lead the way. I think I think I think too much. By that logic I should write too much. Is there even a thing as too much writing? Is there something like too many thoughts? Thoughts flash through... Continue Reading →

Are People Like Books?

You pick up the dusty worn out book off the shelf, and slide your fingers over the torn seams, greeting nostalgia with a smile. _ Turning the pages in childish wonder. The pages yellow with age smelling faintly of past when she was alive and well. The broken spine gives it a shambled rugged look.... Continue Reading →

As A Woman I Dare

As A Woman I Dare 🌼 The glass ceiling reflects the disparity between what I deserve and what I've been denied. The harsh truth of this rocky ride, identified and unjustified. 🌼 The mirror taunts me, "Are you satisfied in your insubordination?" "It's your distorted perception," they say. "Can't you see the steps we have... Continue Reading →

Loving Chapter

1. I often don't know what I want but I was certain about loving you. ✨ 2. I didn't know how to be tender, I loved you recklessly with all I had and expected the same from you. ✨ 3. I am sorry for the pain I caused you I should have known better. ✨... Continue Reading →

Love Clichés

I have always been scared of losing you simply because I can't believe I actually have you right next to me. 🌼 Loving me is not a fairytale but it's okay. We never liked fairytales. Fairytales are tragedies and I think I'm more than that. 🌼 I think I am too young to be depressed... Continue Reading →

I will wait for you

Sometimes it's more trouble trying to express myself because the words don't come. All I do in that moment is sit there stumped, making wild gestures with my hands, asking, "You get it, right?" Hoping you do but I know you don't. You smile, shake you head and place your hands over mine. "It's okay.... Continue Reading →

The Phone Call

I held the silence between the ringing of the phone, Waiting for you to pick up my call. "We need to move on, " you murmured with a sigh. "Hang up then," I whispered, wishing you wouldn't. I listened to your voice regretting letting you go. You knew it was me yet couldn't say my... Continue Reading →

Our Story #2

I remember when you first told me you loved me I was terrified of losing you. You held my hand and told me stop over thinking. I remember we were hanging out in your bedroom binging on The Bigbang Theory and eating pizza when I told you my guilty pleasure was living out clichés in... Continue Reading →

Call Me

Call me whenever you want. Don't worry that we haven't talked in so long or talked for an hour yesterday. I will still talk to you if you need me. When you feel insignificant or small, Worrying over thoughts you can't get out of, an endless spiral of giving into fears. When your self-destructive tendencies... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Love Poem In The World

If you google the greatest love poem in the world Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare comes up. The sonnet describes the qualities of true love, what it is and what it is not. Ending it with letting the reader wonder about qualities of true love, making a comment about reader's faith in the poet's argument.... Continue Reading →

Would You?

I have seen far too many people lose parts of themselves when they are in love. Yes, people change but is it really love if it comes at the cost of losing sight of self. Is sacrifice love? And when the person leaves you are left with what? Half a person you were before. Did... Continue Reading →

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