Marking My Territory 

Via the daily post Territory My hollow ribcage rattles in response to your I love you. The 'I love you' whispers that you leave on my forehead, on my cheeks, trailing down my neck, lighting up my spine. Saying it like a mantra...I love you... I want you... I crave you... I need you. Saying it... Continue Reading →

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Tread lightly, my dear

I am sorry that I exist. I am sorry I am not who you want me to. That I'm not a boy. I know that you've never said it outloud. But action speak louder than words, right? I saw it in your pride. I saw it in your humility. I saw it in your anger.... Continue Reading →

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Happy World Poetry Day 📜 Why do you write? How did you start writing? What does writing mean to you?  Indulge my curiosity, dear readers. 🏵️💓 I will also like to thank you all for reading, liking and commenting on my work. Thank you so much for taking out time from your daily lives to... Continue Reading →

Advice For The Broken Heart

It's scary and hard to leave but sometimes you have to prioritise yourself. You have to take care of your growth. So leave if you must if they don't support your growth and hinder your progress. The unnecessary struggle isn't making you stronger. It's only depleting your energy. 

Black Panther Is Phenomenal

Yes, I am a little late but I finally saw the much awaited, Black Panther. It is every bit exciting and exhilarating. Successfully mixing political issues, tradition, sci-fi and fantastical world of Wakanda in its plot.  The movie begins with T'chaka (former king of Wakanda and Black Panther) telling T'challa the story of Wakanda and... Continue Reading →

I don’t know better 

I feel so out of place everywhere I go as if I don't really belong anywhere, that I don’t have a home to share. 🌸 It fills me with grief though brief.  🌸 Grief I can’t really explain in verse, every day it gets worse. 🌸 So I bottle all my emotions with many devotions.... Continue Reading →

What if

What if I tell you the same words you want to hear? What if I comfort you the same way you wish to be comforted? What if I make you believe your misery is worth it? What if I tell you that one day you will conquer the world? . Are you going to feel... Continue Reading →

Words Unsaid 

It’s not the words I said to you but the words that were unsaid that keep me up at night. I wonder how will we act or behave around each other when we’ll meet. Will I forgive everything and smile, look at you longingly or act indifferent to your existence pretending as if didn’t just... Continue Reading →


My body remembers it even if my brain doesn't. It remembers the fear, pain, anxiety, anguish and deep torment. It remembers my responses to his despicable touch. _ My brain remembers the fantasies I cooked while lying on my bed drenched in cold sweat,  Anything to forget what happened. _ I had nurtured my fantasies... Continue Reading →

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