Marking My Territory 

Via the daily post Territory My hollow ribcage rattles in response to your I love you. The 'I love you' whispers that you leave on my forehead, on my cheeks, trailing down my neck, lighting up my spine. Saying it like a mantra...I love you... I want you... I crave you... I need you. Saying it... Continue Reading →

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Tread lightly, my dear

I am sorry that I exist. I am sorry I am not who you want me to. That I'm not a boy. I know that you've never said it outloud. But action speak louder than words, right? I saw it in your pride. I saw it in your humility. I saw it in your anger.... Continue Reading →

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13 Reasons to love Kim Taehyung

Guess what people, it's 30 December which means it's V's birthday. For those people who are still unaware of this global icon's charm, charisma and talent. (Also, were you living under a rock?) Here's a quick recap:  Kim Taehyung is a member of a South Korean band BTS (Bangtan boys). Even if you don't follow... Continue Reading →

Home 💗

"I lose my inhibitions with just four shots down, stumble my way to you. You catch me before I fall but that ship sailed long ago. Your eyes are captivating or maybe it's the way you look at me. Even in my drunken haze I know this right here is the moment I found home."


At night after procrastinating and overthinking I tuck myself in with unanswered questions and loneliness. Say good night to the empty room with a sigh and close my eyes. With just a tiny glimmer of hope still alive in my heart, "Today, may not have gone my way but tomorrow is a new day yet... Continue Reading →


"You have skillful hands with obvious potential, but a far more capable tongue, always willing to write poetry.  I'm still recovering from the aftershocks."  A/N: Can you recognise who it is? 😎❤️


"You smile softly at me knowing exactly what you have done. This is the power you have over me. This is what I let you do to me. You've made me yours and you make me scream it. You remember my words and please me like that. Then you shake your head and laugh knowing... Continue Reading →


"You carry your love in your sealed lips, never uttering the words, but your actions, they lead the way to what resides in your heart."  A/N: How do you deal with a bad day?

The Sky Claims Another Star

"It's a little cold today, wear something warm on your way. " A Shawol twitter user wrote. Jonghyun, a 27 year old member of one of South Korea's boyband Shinee committed suicide. He was found unconscious in a rental apartment on Monday evening. He was taken to a hospital but was later pronounced dead. Investigators believed... Continue Reading →

My Heart

​"My heart cradles sorrow like it should self-love. Silly little child, holding on to things that make it sad and overlooking things that bring it joy. When will you learn?"

One day

"One day I will be gone by then I hope you would have realized from the ones I spoke to the ones I wrote, from the things I did to the people I fought for. I wanted to be understood but more than that I wanted to be accepted for who I am." | 🌼... Continue Reading →

Time: Our Greatest Resource 

Time: Our Greatest Resource  Time is a resource and how we use it determines the quality of our life. Every second adds up and before we know it it’s been years. To not look back with regret at the things we could have done and words we could have said; we should be more conscious... Continue Reading →

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