Hello everyone! It's been long a time since I used this account. Though I continued writing and posting on instagram. I don't want to see this account dead anymore. So I have decided to continue posting here (minimum 1 post every week). This account was created on a whim. That's me, being bored in one... Continue Reading →

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The Deal At The Crossroads

I breathed your name into a demon's mouth. A last wish for a dimming soul. The demon kissed my cold lips for the taste of blood. I was standing at the crossroads with a decision in mind. Had I stayed too long retying the strings? I saw you, an image of you. Different than the... Continue Reading →

I want to fall apart

I want to fall apart in your arms while we dance Heartbreakingly breathtaking. Quiet night, Silent gazes, Your brown eyes mirroring mine. But this is a shipwreck of dreams Never coming true And my love Is on the ground Crushed, shattered Maybe that is its defining glory But your mouth now talks Moulding lies Destroying... Continue Reading →

Just another love poem

Maybe you knew that when it comes to you I will always be soft, gentle, forgiving and nurturing. But this night feels so sad and I feel so alone. It's perfect to write about you. The boy who carried sadness in his smile but still tried. And this love that I have for you sits... Continue Reading →

Love notes

From love notes under your pillow to poems about you leaving. A lot has happened. It was supposed to I guess. Is this another sign? Sometimes even when the palm lines meet the fate doesn't. I shouldn't be surprised I knew this. I have always known this. (270219)

Maybe we will meet

Maybe we will meet in the city that never sleeps or the city the always dreams Under the neon lights On top of the high rise Chasing the golden glow of the sunlight Maybe we will meet in the mountains Right next to the melting glacier Watching the water ebb and flow together Not distancing... Continue Reading →

Our Choices Matter

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both” These lines written by Robert Frost in his poem, “The Road Not Taken” show the dilemma of making a choice. Each day we are bombarded with options to choose from. From making small choices like where to eat and shop, to... Continue Reading →

Sweet Revolution

I'm growing into this body. Growing into the confidence that it carries. Struggling and accepting aren't the only two destinations. Two dots on the map of growth of self. There are many other pit stops. There are days of hating, loathing, detachment and then gentle quiet loving. It isn't as beautiful as watching the rain... Continue Reading →

Love Game

I love you so much that it hurts. It was wrong to believe that putting all of me in us will fill the void in me. It hurts. It hurts enough to end everything and return to the cold aloof feeling. Put on the mask of 'I never cared anyway'.This indifference is my disguise. But... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder whether I should write about everything I think. You never know which thought will lead the way. I think I think I think too much. By that logic I should write too much. Is there even a thing as too much writing? Is there something like too many thoughts? Thoughts flash through... Continue Reading →

Are People Like Books?

You pick up the dusty worn out book off the shelf, and slide your fingers over the torn seams, greeting nostalgia with a smile. _ Turning the pages in childish wonder. The pages yellow with age smelling faintly of past when she was alive and well. The broken spine gives it a shambled rugged look.... Continue Reading →

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