Marking My Territory 

Via the daily post Territory My hollow ribcage rattles in response to your I love you. The 'I love you' whispers that you leave on my forehead, on my cheeks, trailing down my neck, lighting up my spine. Saying it like a mantra...I love you... I want you... I crave you... I need you. Saying it... Continue Reading →

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Tread lightly, my dear

I am sorry that I exist. I am sorry I am not who you want me to. That I'm not a boy. I know that you've never said it outloud. But action speak louder than words, right? I saw it in your pride. I saw it in your humility. I saw it in your anger.... Continue Reading →

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Little Bird

I am not the hot warmth of fire during long winter nights. Providing comfort to your frozen limbs . I am the frost bites, teeth chattering in chilly winds. I am not the glow of Spring. Sprouting new buds and leaves, beauty in creation. My love isn't rejuvenating. It's dark toxic and tainted. I am... Continue Reading →

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Food For Thought

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and evaluate what are we fighting for. Are you fighting for the right reasons?  Will you be able to justify it to your God and Guardian?  Something to ponder over. 

An Apology (poem) and Self Care Tips

Your life isn't yours to take. Keep your hands off it. --  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A/N: In some of my previous posts I have talked about self-harm, depression, anxiety and suicide Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself when you are sad. I know that you don't have the energy to do anything and... Continue Reading →

Marital Rape

The thunder rumbling outside resonates with the fury inside. A rage that marital rape is not a criminal act and this is a stupid fact. _ Let the victim scream out in agony but he is innocent until proven guilty. Protection for women is just an illusion because we need to protect this ancient institution.... Continue Reading →

For you #2

I want you to tell me whatever it is that you need because I am so tired of figuring things out from the clues that you dropped Like it is a game we are playing; Like I am solving a riddle but failing to guess the right answer. Spell it out for me just so... Continue Reading →


How many times have you not uttered a word simply because you knew that other person wouldn't listen or take it into consideration? But sometimes you do them a favour by not saying anything because sometimes you gain satisfaction from knowing you can destroy them with the truth if you want to.

Rape Crises #2

I try to avoid the gruesome details whenever I read anything. With fiction it is easy it is just a story, right? I can skip over the parts I don’t like. Today in the morning I was reading a newspaper I try my best to keep up with the news but I fail more often... Continue Reading →

The Fire That Refuses To Die 

I 'd rather fill my lungs with smoke and my veins with alcohol than think about you and her together like I used to think about us. My self-destructive tendencies manifest themselves in times like these. I should have moved on but I am still stuck- in the strange cities we wandered around during that... Continue Reading →

Needs And Desires

What's your take on needs and desires? Let me know in the comment section. 😊 A/N: Hello lovelies, I am working on something big which is why I post less often here. I will be announcing it in the coming month. So, stay tuned.  All the love,  Chesta❤

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