Marking My Territory 

Via the daily post Territory My hollow ribcage rattles in response to your I love you. The 'I love you' whispers that you leave on my forehead, on my cheeks, trailing down my neck, lighting up my spine. Saying it like a mantra...I love you... I want you... I crave you... I need you. Saying it... Continue Reading →

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Tread lightly, my dear

I am sorry that I exist. I am sorry I am not who you want me to. That I'm not a boy. I know that you've never said it outloud. But action speak louder than words, right? I saw it in your pride. I saw it in your humility. I saw it in your anger.... Continue Reading →

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Being with you

It's building pillow forts and watching movies. It's giggling way too hard on the subway so that people stare at us. It's going on the ferris wheel and feeling like its top of the world. It's playing board games while eating food and dancing in the kitchen. It's looking in your eyes and being scared... Continue Reading →

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Little Bird

I am not the hot warmth of fire during long winter nights. Providing comfort to your frozen limbs . I am the frost bites, teeth chattering in chilly winds. I am not the glow of Spring. Sprouting new buds and leaves, beauty in creation. My love isn't rejuvenating. It's dark toxic and tainted. I am... Continue Reading →

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Who told you your body is a temple. A place of worship to be kept pious. Their definition of pious. So, you try your best to sword fight your urges, sacrifice your feelings and desires on the holy ground. _ Ashamed of where your hands touched. They burn you, they brand you with a word.... Continue Reading →

Morning Ramblings

Let’s talk about sadness as it spills out of my blood turning into ink on a page. All I do is stare at the wall, count the ticks of the clock. Each second an infinity in itself. It will be a new day soon. Self-care tips talk about waking up early, but I haven’t gone... Continue Reading →

I Know Me Better

You think you know me better than I know myself, I take that as an insult. With a statement you belittled my every effort. Years spent figuring myself out. Swinging between loving and hating myself every day for as long as I can remember. Learning, unlearning and relearning everything society teaches little girls. And you... Continue Reading →


You are my ambrosia. No matter how much I consume, I am never satisfied . I never have my fill. I always need more, More of you.

Promo Video

Promo video for my poetry nothing more. 🤗😅😋 Song: All of the stars by Ed Sheeran App: Power Director Follow me on instagram for more.

Mornings With You

As I learn new words for love and forever in different languages. I whisper them in your ear at dawn watching sunlight scatter across the sky in gorgeous red and orange hues, restoring life to everything that was silent in the dark. I whisper them to you as a promise for the next rising sun... Continue Reading →

Love Me Enough 

Love me enough to desire me in every way possible. Love me enough to remember every moment when my hands traced your body. Love me enough to remember my soft skin against yours. Love me enough to remember what made my heart beat erratic. Love me enough to remember what made me bite my lip.... Continue Reading →

People Mapping?

We always try to figure people out. We are all silent judges after all. From clothes to character we pretend to know it all from the first glance. The very same people who don’t know what they want to do go around handing free advices to others like it is their sole purpose of life.... Continue Reading →

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