Little Bird

I am not the hot warmth of fire during long winter nights.
Providing comfort to your frozen limbs .
I am the frost bites, teeth chattering in chilly winds.

I am not the glow of Spring.
Sprouting new buds and leaves, beauty in creation.
My love isn’t rejuvenating. It’s dark toxic and tainted.
I am merely hindering your progress.

I am not the summer rain.
Providing relief to the your parched throat.
I am a drought where no plant grows.

I am not the harshness of autumn.
I can’t make you suffer.
I can’t see you change even if it’s for better as you claim.
I can’t see you bare without your usual beauty. I can’t see you in pain.
Bare branches with fallen withered leaves.
Bare life without the usual smiles.

I am selfish, cruel and inconsiderate.
I wasn’t made for committments. Promises and relationships are not my cup my tea. I always found my lover at the bottom of the wine glass. Intoxicating.

Maybe I’m into one-night stands.
I don’t like the idea of breakfast together. I will leave at the first light of dawn.
My love is free of it but unfortunately its not enough.

You fell in love with a bird because of its love for flying but you try to imprison it, hinder her flight.
I visited you once resting from my aimless flight in the dark bar drunk our minds off. We were both in need of company and love. We both felt a little lost. But my dear, I don’t try the same delicacy twice .

So don’t try to imprison me in your golden cage I never cared for a home anyway. I fell in love with skies at dawn I just need shelter from rain.

I will leave at the first chance I get. Don’t expect me or ask me to visit you again.
Maybe if you are lucky I might fly over your abode and you can see my shadow pass but don’t wish for me to visit you you will be disappointed because baby you can’t cage a flying bird.
She is drunk in passion for her love for adventure. She doesn’t want to go home, she never had one. She explores worlds to find shattered pieces of her soul scattered across the continents.


“How can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and sing?” — William Blake


7 thoughts on “Little Bird

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  1. Hi
    please take out the bird painting. you used it without any permission. Original image design by liz kapiloto . Using it is strictly prohibited without prior written consent.
    liz kapiloto


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