Tuck me in

Tuck me in tonight. 

Cover me with a blanket.

Kiss my forehead.

Look into my eyes,  hold my hand.

Tell me , ” It’s gonna be alright. The sun will rise the next day and with it so will your hopes.”
Tuck me in tonight.

I am more scared of the storms raging inside than the one unleashing its wrath outside.

Hold my hand, look into my eyes.

Let my erratic heart-beat sync with yours.
Tuck me in tonight


Maybe stay the night

My bed has place for two.

My hand is already in your hand, my heartbeat already in sync with yours, my eyes already in love with yours.
Curl your body around mine.

Make me believe I have a home.

Even if it’s just to shelter me from the storm.

Be my temporary fix.

You can leave in the morning as soon as the Sun comes out.

And I will let you go.


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