Speaking of suicide 

The recent suicide of P Logesh Guhan, a 19 year old student  pursuing B tech. at SRM university in Chennai brought to light a grave problem yet again. He committed suicide by hanging from the roof of his hostel room. India, a young nation, which has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world and it baffles me to see that not much is being done to curb this growing issue. About 8,00,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year , of these 135,000 ( 17% ) are residents of India. Statistics show that every five minutes, someone somewhere  in India , attempts suicide making it the third major cause of death.

The youth is expected to be the backbone of India’s economy on the other hand they are one of the most vulnerable group. At 19 when they should be living their life they are thinking of ending theirs. The rising trend of suicide poses a grave threat.

Dr. Vikram Patel, researcher of the Lamet report and an international health professor raises the key question – why are the youth at risk? He tries to debunk the myth “saying that youth behave the way because of their hormones .”

Researches suggest that brain development may last untill atleast 20 and in some cases till 25 ( a brain fully develops till 25) which means that legal adults don’t have a fully developed brain. So they take the major decisions of their life without a fully functional brain acting impulsively in many cases.

Suicide doesn’t strike at random.

Paula Clayton, mediacal director of the non-profit AFSP says, “Even in suicide clusters there is usually an underlying condition that is precipitated by a more recent events. ”

There are several reasons as to why people commit suicide-

Emotional causes- Sometimes the youth thinks they are in situations that have no solutions,  they have no control over their lives, feelings of hurt, pain, rejection, disappointment, feeling like a burden to their parents etc.Environmental causes – bullying, cyber bullying, abuse, loss of a loved one, mental illnesses like depression, bipolar disorder etc.Suicidal thoughts (suicidal ideation ) among others.

We need to cripple this issue and the best way to do that is to spread awareness about suicide- its causes, forming better relationships between the individual, his/her family, teachers,  guardians,  friends , giving them a safe space to let out their frustration, emotions, thoughts and problems without the fear of being judged, ridiculed or criticised, counselling and helping them how to tackle various issues .

There are always symptoms before someone has a psychotic break. We need to recognise them and help that individual in the best way we can.

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Talk therapy ( run by St.Stephen’s hospital and Emmanuel Hospital Association,  All India helpline – 14 states, 24 hours) 1860-266-2345


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