Being with you

It’s building pillow forts and watching movies. It’s giggling way too hard on the subway so that people stare at us. It’s going on the ferris wheel and feeling like its top of the world. It’s playing board games while eating food and dancing in the kitchen. It’s looking in your eyes and being scared to blink as if its a dream that will get over as soon as I wake up. It’s stealing your hoodies because they smell like you. It’s hugging you and not wanting to let you go. It’s showing you my favourite books just so you know. It’s crazy plans at 2 AM because that when great ideas strike. It’s baking cakes and treating ourselves and motivating each other to work out. It’s cheesy jokes and sweet love notes. It’s making snowmen in the middle of January.  It’s fiery red sunsets and holding your hand while walking through the park. It’s trying to make flower crowns and failing.  It’s you trying to braid my hair and giving up mid way because it’s complicated. It’s rescuing puppies and nursing them back to health. It’s playing guitar by the fire place and singing in the shower. It’s reaching out for you in the dark because I am scared to be alone and you hugging me in your sleep. It’s how you make me blush with your actions and words. It’s loving me when I am just a breeze and loving me when I am a storm. It’s trusting you not to break anything as I let you in. It’s longing to kiss you, touch you and feel you. It’s the thrill of pushing our limits. It’s breaking down walls and inhibitions.
It’s you and I.

#I like me more when I am with you.


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