You were a lonely boy in a lonely world

​You were a lonely boy in a lonely world.

And I was girl who read about lonely boys.

So when I found you. I thought hey I found him, the guy people write about.

You were so clueless at times and full of wisdom the other. In the quiet spaces of library we caught each others stares. In the dim lights of the theatre we held each others hands. You thought the stories in my head were amusing and I found your puns hilarious. Reading to each other passages of another time, another place written by other people to confess and confide in each other. 
You were lonely but never liked silence. You were adorable and honest. A complicated boy with simple needs.

Maybe that’s what it took to make me think about you when I shouldn’t.

You are my favourite person to go to when I feel homesick .

 (It’s what I feel about you that I can’t explain.)

PS- If you guys want to check out more artwork by the artist. Here’s the link


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