Appreciation Post

This one is for all the girls and boys who are trying so hard to love themselves. Trying to find a way to face their fears and insecurities.

Trying to make a mark in this cruel world. 

Trying to find their place.

Trying to belong somewhere.

The ones who want to change the world but can’t comprehend how. But still try in their own small way, doing their bit.
The ones who may not give the best results all the time.

The ones who tried and failed a few times .

The ones who can’t sleep as they are haunted by their demons.

The ones whose only comfort are some words by a loved one or a stranger.

The ones who make millions of sacrifices for people who don’t notice it.

The ones who are not appreciated enough by anyone.
All I want to say is I know you tried 

And I appreciate your efforts.

I don’t care about the results. I am proud that you faced your fears.
All the love as always.


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