Procrastinate Now And Panic Later

When you have to do the same assignment  three times in a row. Either there is something wrong with the world or with my writing skills. And there is nothing wrong with my writing skills.

For a better part of my childhood my professional aspirations were quite simple I wanted to be a seeker for Holyhead Harpies. Unfortunately I was born a muggle so here I am comtemplating my life choices. A harry potter fangirl stuck in a muggle world. Tragic!

To be honest, I wrote this while raiding my mom’s kitchen looking for more Oreo’s in the middle of the night trying to be as quiet as a mouse.


I think it’s notable by now that I’m indecisive. One of the reasons why I couldn’t get the previous assignment done on time. My apologies, sire.

Possible reasons as to why I couldn’t do the aforementioned task

  • Lack Of Inspiration

Nothing inspires me more than last minute panic. If it weren’t for my last minute burst of creativity I wouldn’t get anything done. And I also have the bad habit of waiting until the last possible second to begin any task because I’ll be older therefore wiser.


  • Procrastinator-Perfectionist Complex

My procrastination game is so strong that I was up for two hours last night looking up memes about procrastination. I should be given an award for it, I’ll probably send someone to pick it up for me.

download (2).jpg

  • The Blame Game

It wasn’t my fault. It was playbuzz’s fault I had to know which Ilvermorny house I’ll be sorted in. A brave Gryffindor never backs down from a challenge. By the way I’m in Thunderbird.




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