15 favourite quotes by J.Iron Word about ‘She’

My endless scrolling through my newsfeed and timeline hasn’t all been a waste. Through Facebook and Instagram I’ve come across so many amazing writers, poets and artists. So I decided to compile all of my favourite quotes by these writers and create a post. Please follow them on Fb and Insta. Many of them also have their books out. So please check them out as well. ☺

J. Iron Word

 One of my absolute favourite poets on Insta. His book “Abstract Heart” is out now. Please check it out.

Here are my 15 favourite quotes by him about She. I will also be posting his other quotes about love, letting go, relationship etc in my next post. Enjoy.


The It factor you want, the it factor she owns.

She is going to conquer the skies with her flight.

Beauty fades.

Only for the one.

Her mark.

Approach at you own risk.

My gangsta’ queen.

oh well!

Between breaths and heartbeats.

Absolute favourite one. Heart eyes for this one.

Behind every successful woman is a man who didn’t give up on her.

And she will make you feel like art is supposed to.

Are you that lucky one?

Your time and attention, that’s all she wants.


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