Women Are Not Like Cars

​There is no shortage of politicians being reckless and callous in their words. Politics has become a mud-slinging fight among party members. Who can make more degrading and disgusting comment about the other person? Apparently that’s all they do now to create a buzz.

What’s even more baffling are their opinions about our problems. 

Recently, Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao joined the list of many such politicians as he drew an analogy between women and cars.

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According to a report in The News Minute, likening women and sexual assaults to cars and accidents, Speaker Kodela Shiva Prasad said that a car is vulnerable to accidents only if it is out on the roads, even more so if it is speeding. Similarly, women were safer in the older days where they were housewives and faced ‘just’ discrimination.

Ironically, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) politician made the remark at the National Women’s Parliament in Amaravati, where his speech was supposed to be about ‘women empowerment’ and crimes against them.

The speaker reportedly said, “Let’s say you buy a vehicle. When it is parked in the garage at home, accidents can be avoided, right? When it is taken to a bazaar or to the road, accidents are likely to happen. When the car is speeding, it is more likely for accidents to take place. At a speed of 50 km/hr accidents are less likely, at a speed of 100 km/hr accidents are more likely,” 

“Similarly, in older times, when women were housewives, they were safe from all kind of atrocities, except discrimination. Today, they are studying, working, and also are doing business. They are exposed to the society. When they are exposed to the society they are more prone to eve-teasing, harassment, atrocities, rape and kidnap. Is it not? If they do not leave home, it doesn’t happen,” he added.

To be honest, comparing women to objects doesn’t sound very empowering to me.

How many times does this needs to be said so people get it? Relating sexual assualt to accidents, women to cars, objects, treasure etc isn’t just wrong but also idiotic and ignorant. 

Women are not like cars. Accidents don’t just happen. When women were housewives they weren’t safe from all kinds of atrocities. They were harassed and raped even then. Remember bride burning or sati, when a woman was forced to end her life just because her husband died? Even today martial rape is not a crime in the eyes of law in India.

As far as exposure to society is considered. They are not prone to eve-teasing, harassment, rape and kidnap just because they leave home. It all happens because people eve-tease, harrass, rape and kidnap. 

For how long are you going to blame the victim? Find the rapist not excuses to justify their wrong behaviour. What was she wearing, eating or drinking? Why was she out at night? Why did she leave her home? What did she except? Who was she with? She must have wanted it to happen. She was being a tease. She is being punished for it. Stop victim blaming. Stop promoting rape culture.

Lastly, you don’t buy women. They are not your property. They are human beings. Treat them as such!

(News source – Greatandhra.com)

*I don’t own the pictures used* 


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