Will you be my Valentine, darling?

I never thought I would want people to stay. I am okay with them leaving. Tourist hearts.

But you… you changed me. I want you to stay.
I never liked the cliched happy endings of love stories, “and they lived happily ever after…” Too predictable. Too boring.

I want the kind of love the splits me open, makes me bleed, simultaneously healing me of the pain, loneliness and bitterness that I tucked away.
I never liked Prince Charmings or Knights in shining armours. I have always had a thing for warriors and vikings.

But you… you make me want to believe in that kind of love. Everything’s possible when you are beside me. Equals.
Well, I still don’t like Prince Charmings. But you… you are so much better.

Be my King?

I will be your Queen.
I can’t promise a heaven for you. But I promise when you are walking through hell. I won’t leave your side. We’ll walk hand in hand through the infernos in hell that even the Devil will jealous of our love.

You my love, are the tempestuous storm but also the safe harbour. The meeting, the intersection for two wandering souls.

You… you make me want to be a better person.

Be my Valentine, darling.

I will love you more than always.

I will love you more than forever.

*I don’t own the picture used*


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