Shaktiman, not the beloved children’s superhero but a horse. Shaktiman,  14-year-old horse of Dehradun’s Mounted Police became a house hold name after a video went viral of Ganesh Joshi, a BJP legislator brandishing a stick and appearing to strike the horse during a BJP protest rally on 14 March, 2016. Joshi said that the videos were doctored, that it was Congress conspiracy.

According to one news channel, the BJP MLA was trying to scare the horse. An unidentified person caught hold of his reins. It stepped back and one of his hind leg got caught in an angle and it broke. Shaktiman underwent an amputation and got a prosthetic leg and a month later died of infection.

When asked about the horse’s demise, Joshi said that he was not at fault. “I already said that I am not at fault, if found guilty then cut my leg,” he was quoted as saying by ANI. (20 April,2016)

Joshi who is out on bail right now is contesting elections from Mussorie. In his recent rally all he wants is to talk about PM Narendra Modi and even US Prez Donald Trump but not about the horse.

Joshi had promised to name a park after Shaktiman if BJP were to come to power in the state (31 August, 2016). 

He further says that if somebody gets hurt in his area he takes them to the hospital in his car. The controversy/conspiracy hasn’t hurt his reputation but only helped him.

In a time where we talk about instances of animal cruelty and, modifying and rectifying animal protection acts. I leave it to the wisdom of the readers to decide whether they want to support somebody who tries to scare a horse for no apparent reason with no hint of remorse on its death.


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