My 20 favourite quotes by Rupi Kaur

24 year old, Rupi Kaur Brampton, Ontario raised poet who has become the voice of her generation.

She knows how to write poems that tug at your heart-strings in the most delicate way. 

The way they leave tells you everything. 

Leaving you to ponder over her words whether it’s about moving away, finding yourself or self-love. Every word seems so carefully chosen, so perfectly placed that it’s sure to become your favourite.

Here are my 20 favourite quotes by her. Enjoy. 

(Trigger Warning – mentions of rape, sexual abuse and self harm)

For the most badass and least recognized women that are out there.

No more shrinking or being invisible to please others. Time to shine as bright as you can. If they find your light blinding, they can close their eyes.

Fine numb…

“…it will not end you.”

We need this now more than ever.

Be patient, understanding, vulnerable, grateful and humble.

Not your timepass but your forever. 

It costs nothing to be kind to others. 

Illusion of youth

Interested at first sight but love at first remembrance

One too many times


For my best friends, ” everything can heal… everything will heal… give it time and effort.”

All you. It’s always been you.

If only we had met when I was that willing…

Spread love not hate!

I will carry you to freedom. Shout this from the rooftops.

The most difficult love is self love.

For every girl and guy

People want you to do well but not better than them.

Her book ‘Milk and Honey’ is out now. You can buy from Amazon here.

You can also follow her on facebook and instagram.


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