Goodbye Logan

*spoiler warning*

Leaving the proper review for the critics but this is what I thought about the movie.

With Logan, Hugh Jackman and all his fans bid goodbye to Wolverine series. A perfect end to a 17 year long journey. Logan is one of kind movie which perfectly wraps up his journey… from angsty fighter, fighting for a living to a warrior who finally meets his honourable end.

This film is not your typical superhero/mutant movie with CGI, impossible stunts, people in spandex fighting each other neither does it have the humour of Deadpool or witty dialogues of Ant man. I will tell you what it has heart wrenching grief, loss, love, youth and old age, companionship, anger, frustration and action… lots of mindblowing (literally) blood-freezing action with tender kindness.The actors chemistry is remarkable. 

My reaction 

My reaction to watching the movie was screaming ‘fuck and ohh shit’ well, variations of them at regular intervals.It’s dark and bleak, for a superhero/mutant movie that’s different considering the target audience. For me, the movie deals with ‘after the big show’ scenes. It’s not about the glory days, the ideal world but about the forgotten, mistreated, discriminated against and marginalised.

What happens when superheroes get old? 

Are all warriors searching for an honourable death?

Is our decaying, dystopian and raging against each other world worth saving?

Not dealing with how to save it bit asking why is it worth saving.

About the movie

The movie begins with aged, raspy breathing, limping, tired (mentally and physically), Logan passed out in a 24 Chrysler that he drives for a living at the US-Mexico border earning enough to buy a boat and drugs for Charles (Patrick Stewart ) who isn’t in the best of conditions. His age and powers have finally caught up to him, living in an old water tank in Mexico turning into a psychic lethal weapon. He’s got “a degenerative brain disease in the world’s most dangerous brain.”  The two men are simultaneously terrifying and pitiful. Seeing the two most powerful mutants in their most vulnerable state is terrifying and tragic.

Charles lives with another mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) passing his remaining days. Gabriella, a nurse who previously worked for a pharma company which experimented on Mexican women and created mutant kids, is looking for Logan to hand him a young, barely 10 year old mutant Laura played beautifully and perfectly by Dafne Keen, take her to safety to North Dakota from there she has to go to Canada which is the only safe place for people like her. A sort of mutant  ( I don’t know what he is exactly ) wants Laura back for pharma company. For me, him meeting his end in a really satisfying way, that moment was more of a ‘payback is a bitch’ moment.

Scenes from the movie

For most part of the movie Logan, Charles and Laura are on a roadtrip talking about life. There are a few scenes where Logan and Charles father-son relationship is beautifully shown… like Logan giving him his medicine and Charles sticking his tongue out at him which made the audience laugh. Their casual digs at each other, well it’s called a comic book for a reason. Laura and Logan’s relationship from him not caring about her to taking her under his wing ( reminded me of Rogue), all the brutal fight scenes, the Las Vegas suite scene in which Logan kills a group of armed men frozen in place by the apocalyptic emanations from Charles, Charles burial scene stands out because you realise he’s lost everyone he loved, was like a part of his family, Laura stealing the show with her fighting moves, Laura and Logan’s final dialogue where she calls him daddy will leave you in tears and my most favourite scene of the movie when young Laura turns the cross to make an X on Logan’s grave.


Logan is genuinely grim but leaves us with a vision of hope. Our dark angsty hero whose healing factor has become a curse,  his scared body a reminder of haunting past and our professor who always talked about power and responsibility, the hopeful and optimistic person he always was. It’s not just about fighting but also personal fulfilment. It’s about fighting our own demons, who in the end are the biggest villains. It deals with fragility of human life, mortality. Logan leaves us with the message that families have to expand in order for us to survive. In the end, the world is worth saving.

Let me know what you think of the movie in the comment section.


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  1. You literally found the depth of the movie.. I hated people around who couldn’t accept what they had just seen.. you have caught the real essence .. it was indeed a great journey.. they provided us with awesome closure.. it was heart wrenching and beautiful.. becoz if anyone understood what it meant for a mutant who couldn’t die, dying for the most righteous cause at the end, he/she only understood this great journey of our favourite Wolverine..!!

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