Silly Little Boy

Via The Daily Post Pretend

I have a graveyard in place of my heart where I buried the ones who claimed to love me, like me and adore me.

Silly little boy, you don’t love me.

you love the illusions.

the tricks I played to amuse your fantasy.

I am only as real as you think me to be.

Silly little boy, wake up from this crazy dream.


5 thoughts on “Silly Little Boy

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  1. Heya, deep down in heart and soul ppl are simple. What makes them complex, mysterious is lies they throw around to make their lives easy. Yes one can trick someone to love him/her. Yes for once heart of this lover of illusion will be broken. For once he will be victim to your tricks. But he survives. And when you break a heart you lose a piece of soul. Over the time all thats left is a soul less body.

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