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She has galaxies in her body. Stars lay under her skin, rebelling stars, quiet stars, nebulas. And she spends a great deal of time exploring them.

Space sailor.

The curves, the ravines and the valleys on her body. She explores each of them with great care. Not missing one. She trails her hands over them experimenting with pressure and texture.

Nature lover. 

Verses in her mouth and she sings them bringing the planets in harmony with each other.

The world dances to the tunes she plays.


The weight of the world is on her shoulders. And she caries it with grace and elegance like a true queen. 
She discovers herself a little more everyday .

She decided way before that she won’t let others tell her who she is.

And if she doesn’t like what she discovers then just like the sea rewrites itself everytime it touches the shore.

So does she.

*I don’t own the above picture*

*credits to the artist*


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