Be A Champion

Via The Daily Post Champion 

When the hurt becomes too much.
When your pain threatens to slip out in a cry, scream or a silent sob.

When you feel lost and defeated.

Because you couldn’t fulfill what you set out to do.

Because you couldn’t raise the bar.
You feel disappointment seeping inside your skin, a knot in your stomach. It’s like an ice cube in your stomach numbing you from inside. It seems like a golf ball is stuck in your throat and you can’t say a word without sobbing.
And you start questioning everything you ever believed in

“Did I make a mistake?”
What ifs cloud your judgment and beliefs .

“What if I am not made out for this?”

“What if it all goes to waste?”

“What if they are right?”
When doubts and insecurities shroud you. 

“Can I do it?

“The success rate looks low.

“Maybe some other day.”

Remember this only winning doesn’t make champions. It’s defeats, failures and losses too. The making of a champion is in the falls, the stumbles, the set backs one has to endure to reach where you want to go. It’s in dealing with adversity with grace of a sportsman. It’s in your will, dedication, conviction and perseverance not in procrastination and excuses. Want it like your very next breath.

Yes, it is hard.

It is difficult. 

Some even consider it impossible.

You might even want to give up halfway.

When you want to give up remember why you started. Why did you begin in the first place? What was the purpose?

If you are asking, ” Is it worth it? It is.

Its worth your blood, sweat, tears, every sacrifice you made to reach your goal. It’s worth each second of your effort. It’s worth it. 

And the goals you set are worth achieving.
Never give up.

Be a champion.

One of my all time favourite quotes to keep you going

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