Musings Of A Heart #2


It is a drug, a bad habit. I know it only brings grief in the end but I still run to it. 

Denial, denial about you losing feelings for me, denial of losing you. 

Candle wax drips away with the night but I’m here, denying that you wouldn’t call. 

I wait here for that one text of yours. 

It pains me but it is the only thing that keeps me alive, denial.

— Mansi


It’s an essential part of my existence

Without denial, I am nothing.

I have built a world of lies

I am untroubled here.

No worries of pain and rejection,

No distrust or hate,

I have faced truth once

And it left me nothing

But as a broken mess.

And now I’m scared to be hurt

If I start accepting the reality,

In a blink of an eye

My world will burn to ashes.

— Neetika (neetikaalways )


Denial drips from my shaking hands and tear stained cheeks as I grip your hand to stop you from leaving.

Denial of love, my suffering. 

Denial of you, my slow death.
Denial in the way I whisper your name when I kiss strangers. 

Denial in the way I refuse to acknowledge your memories.

Denial of rage when my illusion fades.

I bottle it all in. 

Cork the bottle and throw it in the ocean.

Denial of acceptance, I’d rather take gun to the mouth than accept your leaving. 
Self-denial, my recipe for destruction.

— Chesta (chasewritesblog)

A/N – This is the second post in Musings Of A Heart series. If you haven’t read the first one. Here’s the link. Check out neetikaalways for her other amazing poems. Shoutout and gratitude to Mansi for her lovely contribution. 

Via The Daily Post Denial 
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  1. When i am reading the words i feel like am just living the moment and am in front of them…your words are ao genuine describe all the feeling..hats off keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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