Musings Of A Heart #3


Accepting who I am is hard

Learning to love myself will take time

But step by step, gradually

I will rewrite all my negativities

I have infinte imperfections

Number of things that I do are useless

But day by day, eventually

I’ll overcome them and accept myself.

Neetika (neetikaalways)


Acceptance came in waves… not the high tide but the low tide. 

Quiet and calm, taking with it the good things and leaving the bad behind. 

That is my acceptance.

Loving the unloved… that’s my acceptance.

My acceptance is loving me at my best and also my worst.

Like the moon with all its imperfections. 

Reflecting light in all it’s glory in the solitude of night. 

Waxing and waning.

Proud and Bright!

Acceptance of self.

Chesta (chasewritesblog)


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