I Wish I Could Go Back

I wish I could go back
Fix the mistakes I made with you.

Edit everything that made you think we were not enough together.

I know and I understand that it is more difficult for some to express themselves than others.

I lay awake till morning in your t-shirt.

Reliving every moment where your tender hands touched my soft skin and set it on fire.

A fire that turned into scorching heat in your absence… hurting me.

You turned my ice cold heart in a warm beating one. It’s like you reached inside my chest and melted the ice with your touch. 

It’s been long, way too long. I’d like to forget you now. I want this masterpiece to go back to being a blank canvas. But your memories play inside my head in a loop. He kissed me on the red light, he sang to me by the beach, we danced infront of the fire place, he curled my hair, he kissed me slowly then ravished me, he said he loved me, he tucked me into his chest, he got drenched in the rain with me, we star-gazed together, he let me hold him when he cried, he let me in, he showed me his fears…

I dont want it to play anymore but it’s like that famous song that caught on and I have to hear it everywhere now.

I’m surrounded by your memories,

The traces you left behind.

Maybe you would have stayed if I was brave enough to love myself. But I didn’t.  Not that time.

But I wish I had.

I wish I could go back. 

I will willingly trade my tomorrows for a taste of yesterday.


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