When He Calls You…

​When he calls you at 2 AM checking to see you are awake.

Tell him that you are.

For him day and night doesn’t matter.

When he calls you at 3AM because he is stressed and cannot get started on his projects. 

Help him breathe. Breathe with him.

Inhale and exhale.

Calm him down. 

When he calls you at 4AM because he suddenly remembered his mother and he misses her.

Comfort him.

Hold him with your words because you cannot be there.

Talk to him about his mother or nostalgic skies.

When he calls you at 5AM because he somehow got through the night.

Appreciate him.

Let him know he did good.

Because you’ve spent so many sleepless nights you know what that feels like.

How is that you can help but cannot be helped? You can love but don’t allow others to love you?

When will you pull down your walls, walls that trapped you inside?

When will you lead someone to your pain?


9 thoughts on “When He Calls You…

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  1. We guys might not need u for reasons specified above.. but when we do.. we no less than a kid stuck in his horrors..
    And that’s why i can totally relate…
    Thought worth spreading..
    Becoz world sometimes forget that we guys to need some pampering and support.. 😅😅

    Liked by 1 person

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