Whiskey Or You

​I like whiskey as it slips down my throat and hits me right in the stomach.

I can never have too much of it.

But I do anyway.

Because alcohol has a way of letting down your walls, loosing your inhibitions.
I don’t need it to write about you.

But it’s easier when it’s the only thing in my veins.
You asked me why you are not my muse. This is why… I didn’t want to feel like I used you and then discarded you.

But looks like you don’t have a problem with that. Use and throw. 
You see I abandon myself after a few drinks with no hope of returning 

Like a ship lost at sea because I felt like I lost my anchor.
Tree abandoned by its own roots.

My misplaced faith. The folly of youth.
You are not my anchor. 

You are not my roots.
Somehow… I return I always return to myself. 

With sleep covered eyes, banging headache and a new lover beside me.

I return because my feelings flicker like far away stars. Loved from a distance is what I prefer now. Admired for afar. In line of vision but out reach. Always burning but burning alone.
You are just a guy who didn’t know love, all or nothing love, inconvenient love.

Yes, whiskey tastes bitter but your leaving is more bitter.

It’ll always be.

Pic credit- Everybodylovescocktails and RantNow


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