It’s A No From Me

​I wish we could all be like Simon and say,” It’s a no from me” whenever we feel like it or maybe Greg screaming “not my division” (Sherlock reference). But fortunately or unfortunately we are not.

For most of us saying no is in itself a herculian task. It is hard to say no when we feel that we may be hurting other person’s sentiments or when we don’t want to deal with their anger because of rejection of their proposal. Sometimes we say yes because we don’t want to appear rude or disrespectful.

Sometimes people are pressured or coerced into saying ‘Yes’ when they really wanted to say no. How many times have you had to put yourself situations which could have been avoided if you had just said ‘no’? Remember it is your life, your time and you are in charge. No one is more important than your mental health. Refuse to please others at the cost of your mental and emotional well-being.  As Paulo Coelho said,

When you are saying ‘Yes’ to others make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself.

How to say no

Sometimes saying a simple no is hard. We are afraid of the consequences. Here are other ways you can go about it.

I am not comfortable doing that.

I am going to go with my intuition and say no.

I have other priorities at the moment.

My schedule is already full.

I have other prior commitments.

I’m sure there are more capable people than me who are better equipped to handle this task.

It doesn’t resonate with my team’s mission.

It is against my principles.
Always remember

Saying ‘yes’ to one thing means saying ‘no’ to another. That’s why decisions can be hard sometimes. –Sean Covey

A/N- Yup,  destroyed my Rubix cube for this pic.

If you guys have any experience where any unpleasant situation could have been avoided by saying no. Please share. 😊


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