Visiting Is Not Staying 

My walls are not so fragile that you can break them with just a knock. It’s a fortress now and I won’t let just anyone in.

The entrance to my fortress requires banging till I am ready to let you in

or maybe dynamites to crumble them all to dust.

But do not believe that it will happen in a matter of hours or days. The people who live inside, the people who have made it their home. They are my confidants, advisors and protectors. They made that space inside my heart theirs by staying through my dark times and bright, troubles and strife, happiness and sorrow never leaving my side.

They don’t need invitations for tea parties, barbeques, drunken nights or hangouts because it is as much their home as it is mine. They worked hard to become my family, my chosen family.

So love, do not mistake your visiting for staying.


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