For The Boys…

You need to know this

You are beautiful 

Yes, I know you prefer handsome, the charmer, the gentleman.

But you are beautiful

along with all of that.


Yes, you with your brown eyes. They don’t have to be blue or green or some shade I can’t recognise to be considered  beautiful.  As your lover it was a privilege to see my reflection in your eyes.


You are beautiful when you think hard about which selfies to post. They all kind of look same to me. Whatever maybe the angle you look good, you look beautiful. Yes, even the ones with flower crowns. 


And when you ask me which hairstyle to have every time you go to the barber. Yes, the same one who has been cutting your hair since you  were 5.  I tell you some because my favourite actor has it. You look beautiful even in that.


You look beautiful first thing in the morning. Sinking deeper in the sheets because it’s too early to wake up. Though I must admit the only reason I wake up before you is to watch you sleeping next to me peacefully. I find my tranquillity next to you, devoid of every distraction of the world.


You look beautiful dressed up. You look beautiful in your pajamas. You look beautiful regardless of the what you are wearing. 6 pack abs or not, perfect jawline or not, fan fiction lips or not, perfect score or perfect job or not. You look beautiful. 


You are beautiful because of who you are as a person. Your light shines through the darkest time guiding my way out the tunnel. You make an effort to pick other people up. You forgive but you don’t forgot. You are  a planner and I’m the impulsive one. I wrecked your plans since I entered you life and you took it all in your stride. I know a lot of things about you, from your morning routine to nightly reads. I wish to know more about you. Every little thing, isn’t it the little things that affect the big things. So I’m taking my time mastering the little things about you. After all, time is relative. Savouring every moment. Loving solving the puzzle that you are. Discovering and rediscovering you like my favourite place. Reading and re-reading you like my favourite book. You were beautiful before I came and you will be beautiful long after I’m gone.

To the big things, to the little things, to cherishing, savouring and devouring and for once with me not sabotaging.
Learning to love me while loving you. ❤


Things boys should be told.

Wear flower crowns or pink if you want to. Wear make up or dresses if you want to.  It is your choice, it will always be your choice. Do what makes you happy. Do what satisfies you. Society will always butt in. 

You should be happy with the choices you make. They should be justifiable to you, your guardian and your God. 

Live and let live ✌


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