Sometimes all I want is to disconnect with everyone else to connect with myself. Somedays more than others. Not my usual me time when I listen to songs or wish to be alone but to run away, to talk a walk among nature. To feel, to connect and to reflect. Think about everything and nothing. Watch the trees, flowers blooming, leaves withering, to feel the warmth of sun on my skin, watch the clouds pass by, sit in tree’s shade idly pass my time.

To feel free because the wilderness is always calling the soul out to taste it. To wonder about people who want to go home , is there home a person or a place? Is it better to have a place atleast it won’t abandon you? Is it better to have a person, to share that kind of comfort and intimacy with another human?

When people wanted to find themselves in ancient time they climbed mountains and meditated. Maybe nature is always calling us out to connect us to the very thing that gives us life, to show us that we are all one but we are too busy to listen to its call, missing out the purest exploration. An exploration that expands inwards as much as it expands outwards.

I’m at home and at ease on a track that I know not. And restless and lost on a road that I know. — Henry Lawson


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