In Love, Little Drunk

/In love, little drunk/ Tonight, Watch me dance in the moonlight, graceful and elegant. Tonight,  Rest your dreams on my eye lashes with each gentle kiss. Tonight,  Let's make wishes on your freckles instead of my scars. Tonight,  Let me trace my favourite path up your spine with my tongue. Tonight, Let's turn the heat... Continue Reading →



​Drunk as drunk as we could be Wet bodies, Sloppy kisses, Giggling in the dark. In a desperate attempt to hide you push us in the dark corner of the neon lit room.  "baby, you are so beautiful." I hunger for your voice. Whispers in the dark, Inviting me to dance, Igniting something dark. Rain... Continue Reading →

​Funerals For Unrequited Love

Deleting messages and burning photos and letters is not wishing that those memories didn't exist. They are like funerals for unrequited love. It is taking out splinters from my wounds so I can heal.  They exist somewhere  They always will. But I'm hoping one day I will wake up when hearing your name won't feel... Continue Reading →

Tea (TDP)

Via The Daily Post Tea Translation  Return to my life once more. Some words are left unsaid. Same desire Same tea Some resentment needs to be expressed. Like, share and follow 😋😋


Sometimes I wonder  how to explain to you the inescapable dilemma of wanting to pen down prose that satisfies my heart. Honest words that are buried deep within me, the ones I'm scared of because I know they are harsh, but sometimes truth is harsh. A bullet between your teeth that you don't know whether... Continue Reading →

Acceptance is the key to happiness and change

Acceptance of others means respecting them as they are. It involves respecting their personality, lifestyle, religious beliefs, political and social opinions. Still, this does not necessarily mean acceptances should be confused with agreement. Just because we accept something doesn't mean we agree to it. It also does not mean accepting evil. It doesn't mean accepting... Continue Reading →


My teacher told me that forgiveness was a virtue. As a child I saw it as a weakness. How do I forget something unfair done to me, something wrong that happened to me, a direct consequence of another person's actions?  I wanted something- punishment, payback, apology, hell, even a simple acknowledgement of their actions would... Continue Reading →

The King Grabs Another Title

The King Grabs Another Title Roger Federer, king of the tennis court won his 8th Wimbledon title and 19th major by beating Marin Cilic 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 in the finals. His second trophy of the year. He won Australian Open, his 18th Grand slam title by defeating Rafael Nadal in the finals. It’s been a while since he... Continue Reading →


Via The Daily Post Savor Someone as  beautiful  as  you  should  be  savoured  first  then  devoured.


I don’t remember when adulthood came knocking on the door. I was busy decorating my dreams in my diary, leather bound little old thing. When suddenly responsibilities became so heavy. When it was everyone else’s wishes and expectations against mine. A caged bird. A kite kept in the corner of a dusty shelf.  Toys boxed... Continue Reading →

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