Erotic Musings #3


​​I like to see desire in his eyes.

Desire for me.

Only me.


I love it when he gives me that look.

Yeah, that look.

And I know tonight will be different.


Tonight will be special.

One I will remember for a long time.

Playing on loop for many nights to come.


He knows what that look does to me.

It’s his weapon.

The one he occasionally yields against me.


One I will willingly lay everything on the line for.


Lying on his bed, blind folded.

Dreaming cherry red fantasies.

A little bit of danger in monotonous life

A lot of love.


Tender kiss, harsh spank.

Filling his head with my image.


Lying wanton on his bed

Dripping on his sheet.

His sweat on my body. 

His skin burning mine deliciously.

Bite, suck, kiss and lick.

Honey dripping from his hands. 


Filling the night with moans and I want more.


“The more closely we analyze what we consider ‘sexy’ the more clearly we will understand that eroticism is the feeling of excitement we experience at finding another human being who shares our values and our sense of the meaning of existence.”

~~ Alain de Botton


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