He stands leaning sideways against the wall with a coffee cup in his hand looking out the window deep in thought. 

She is sitting on the chair by the dining table zipping up her boots.
He takes a sip of his coffee and says,” I always wonder what constitutes a good good bye.” She looks up at him trying to figure out his train of thought and says,”And you suppose this is my job so I would know that.” “No, it’s just a question that’s been bothering me. What do I say- harsh words while parting to ease my ache that she is leaving or do I say something nice to make her leaving easier on her while it is killing me?” He asks without looking at her.

 His gaze is fixed at the rising Sun. Mornings! “Why does it matter? I guess it depends on your past with that person.” She says while putting the money bills kept on table in her purse and putting her jacket around her shoulders. “Because it matters. That will be our last moment together. Because that’s how I will remember her.”


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