Our Cities In Monsoon

Story 1: Sitting in an coffee shop while it rains outside looking out the window at people rushing to go where they want to go, under their umbrellas while I watch and wonder about their lives. /Sonder/

Story 2: The warmth of coffee cup between my palms mimics human warmth. It made me think of you.

Story 3: Getting out, wandering aimlessly around the city I see stray dogs sheltering themselves from the rain under an abandoned roof.

Story 4: Kids and their paper boats gently floating down the drain. Missing childhood or perhaps the richness of such innocent moments so few and far in between?

Story 5: An old couple under an umbrella enjoying roadside tea and pakora (fritter)

Story 6:Realization that rains are not all that romantic when you see little boys and girls dragging the cart around knee deep in muddy water but they can’t rest, can they? They don’t have that luxury like you and I. 

Story 7: Little rain, puddles and pot holes, traffic jams and angry drivers.
Our cities in monsoon.

Artist unknown, Original source 

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A/N: By now you know that I’m terrible at titles 😂. Anyway, let me know if you like this or want more posts like this one. 😊


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