Multitasking Is A Lie

Multitasking is thought to be an ability to perform multiple activities at the same time. A highly sought after ability in various hiring fields but multitasking is a lie. Our brain is not equipped to handle heavy-duty multitasking.

It is a deceptive term. Greatly exploited by IT companies to make us feel more productive and efficient. The term “multitasking” was coined to describe computers. Even they can only process one piece of code at a time but they do it so fast that it seems like they are doing two tasks at the same time.

Multitasking is about multiple tasks alternately sharing one resource, not two activities done at the same time sharing one resource. Consider your brain to be a processor which uses its 100% capacity to do one task. Now, it can use 50% capacity to do two similar tasks which means there are more chances of errors, loss of productivity and inferior output.

According to American Psychological Association’s website multitasking is neither effective nor efficient. This mental juggling takes a toll on us causing a time lag, the time taken to direct and redirect our attention to alternating tasks. It takes up to 40 percent more time to complete the tasks which is not time-efficient at all. If we focus only on one task at a time we can save our time and reduce chances of error. So, let us ditch our multitasking ways and try to focus on one task at a time.

*I got this idea while reading the book ‘The One Thing’.


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