Rakshabandhan Post

To my army of brothers and sisters, 
My affinity for writing long letters is well known among my friends. Compared to the ones I have written before this one will be fairly short.

I won’t list all sister-brother things we do. The best part about us we never had to formally introduce ourselves because we all know I suck at “tell me about yourself” questions. We just sort of wrote ourselves into each other’s stories. A part that was needed but never realised. It’s all the little things that made us who we are today. Little things that paved way for the big things.
As much as I’d like for us all to be together we are all in different places, different cities right now working for our future. A call away from being transported back to the past when instead of waiting for the call to be picked, we waited for the door to open. Talking about our problems which were just homework and videogames related not about bestfriend’s betrayal or heartbreaks. Did I mention asking all those dumb questions without the fear of being mocked, questions we didn’t even know how to phrase to ask Google?

We all have protected each other from various toxic people and making stupid mistakes. Rakshabandhan is about celebrating the vow of protection. 

So I won’t take anymore of your time and end it with…

“you are like Harry to my Hermione and Remus to my Lily.”
Happy Rakshabandhan!

(Ofcourse I will mention Harry) ❤
Yours lovingly,

Your sister, gal-pal, bro and bestie


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