​Coping Mechanisms and Therapy

You tell your secrets to the moon because it patiently listens to you,

but, love you can whisper them to me too,

from the strands of my hair

to the curve of my ear.

Tracing them,

in the depth of my collarbone

to the dimples in my back.

Trace them absent mindedly on my body or with a purpose.


Hold my hand or hook your fingers through mine.

List all your worries and concerns and I will tell you that you will be okay,

that you will get through this.

Be brave, darling.

Be strong in your hard times,

burn a little brighter in this darkness.

Light your own way because you are capable of it.


Trace your fingers from the dip of my hip to the bottom of my feet,

Draw perfect circles or intricate pathways that lead you to your favourite place.

Confide in me, all that is troubling you.

I’ll tell you to be wise, warrior, to take the storm head on.


Dig deep inside and express your pain, don’t keep it locked away.

Let me trace the fissures across your heart, heal the cracks and remind you of your dedication, 

strength, courage, tenacity, fortitude and patience.

Let me kiss the fault lines, ravines, edges and whisper a few of mine.

Let me return the favour.

Photograph by @mvzlov |insta


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