An Apology To Myself

ā€‹The only apology I own for the aftermath is to me. I am sorry for pain I have caused this body, for the cuts and bruises. Ensuring that the skin you touched will not grace my flesh anymore because it remembered how it felt to have your hands on my skin and I wanted to... Continue Reading →


Love: The First Wonder

We were the stupid kids holding hands under the desk. Thinking that we were invincible because love always wins. It wasn't an act of rebellion but our disposition. _ You would whisper secrets in my ears in the crowded room. Stranger's eyes would assume that it's just best friends talk but we knew the promises of those... Continue Reading →

Musings šŸŒ»

I try to not be careless and casual with my words because words mean a lot and you can't unsay words you have once said. Words can heal as well as harm. Words can be comforting and scaring. Words have the power to make our world kinder, better. Let's not use it to bring harm... Continue Reading →

Cycle Of AbuseĀ 

Maybe saying it enough times will make me believe it. Maybe saying it enough times will make me forget your taste. Maybe saying it enough times will make these marks fade away. _ It's all lies that you and every one before you tried shoved down my throat But I can't swallow it anymore. This... Continue Reading →


"He looks at you for just a moment then looks away. You cherish it because for that one moment you were all he thought about."


"Don't tell me that I try too hard for everything to be perfect or close to perfect... that I should just let things be, that I should be content, that wanting more is me being greedy when I can't afford it. Don't tell me to go with the flow because I can't I will always... Continue Reading →


"I am not going to beg you to love me. I am just going to tempt you into loving me." Resist me if you can. šŸ‘… Artwork by Shaza Wajjokh


"Why do you hide yourself from me like a wave returning to the ocean when all it wants is to embrace the shore? Why do you pull away when I am ready to drown into your depths?" --Chesta Verma

Happy BeginningĀ 

You put your soft hands on me and caress my body as if I am too fragile and at slightest hint of harshness I would bolt out the door. You know my fear of being in wrong hands. You try to prove to me that you are the right one. Earning my trust instead of... Continue Reading →

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