To Shave Or Not To Shave

My latest interest is in knowing about marketing campaigns that changed how we know and perceive certain things. For example diamonds. The long held belief that diamonds are rare precious stones symbolizing forever is nothing but the fruits of a widely successful marketing campaign. Here's the link . Today, we will talk about shaving. It is no... Continue Reading →


​ Sometimes all I want is to disconnect with everyone else to connect with myself. Somedays more than others. Not my usual me time when I listen to songs or wish to be alone but to run away, to talk a walk among nature. To feel, to connect and to reflect. Think about everything and... Continue Reading →

For The Boys…

​ You need to know this You are beautiful  Yes, I know you prefer handsome, the charmer, the gentleman. But you are beautiful along with all of that. _ Yes, you with your brown eyes. They don't have to be blue or green or some shade I can't recognise to be considered  beautiful.  As your... Continue Reading →

Fair Or Unfair: Colourism In India

​Our obession with fair skin is not new. It is so deeply embedded in our psyche since childhood that we do not recognise it. From tv ads to tagline of brands. Even urban India is not above these farcical beliefs. If you don’t believe that discrimination on the basis of colour (known as colourism or... Continue Reading →

My Heart Is

​"My heart is" My heart is a shy innocent child My heart is a shy innocent child on the first day of school. Introverted and afraid just wanting people to like it. Staying invisible yet craving attention. It has words hidden under its tongue.  Just say hello, just say hello, just say hello... it chants... Continue Reading →


​ You knocked on my door but I was still recovering from the aftershocks of the earthquake so I stayed hidden under my bed. Yes, I know I should have ran away at the first chance I got but I didn't. I didn't run because I wanted to die in my own home, surrounded by... Continue Reading →

Visiting Is Not Staying 

My walls are not so fragile that you can break them with just a knock. It's a fortress now and I won't let just anyone in. _ The entrance to my fortress requires banging till I am ready to let you in or maybe dynamites to crumble them all to dust. _ But do not... Continue Reading →

For The Forgotten Heroes

For the Aitazaz Hassan's of the world. Many times we get to hear of people's courage and gallantry but their sacrifices are forgotten far too easily. They need to be remembered not on some special occasion but every day. It is because of their sacrifices that hundreds and thousands of others are able to breathe... Continue Reading →

The Flower

​A flower blooms oblivious to the harshness of the weather and its own beauty.  It does what it knows. It does what it needs to survive. It blooms while the sun is shining. It blooms with the kisses of the rain. It blooms bold and beautiful, unaware of its beauty becoming the bane of its... Continue Reading →

It’s A No From Me

​I wish we could all be like Simon and say," It's a no from me" whenever we feel like it or maybe Greg screaming "not my division" (Sherlock reference). But fortunately or unfortunately we are not. For most of us saying no is in itself a herculian task. It is hard to say no when... Continue Reading →

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