Perspective: How we shape it and how it shapes us

Just like an artist sees the world through his or her lens our perspective is our lens.

Perspective is a point of view. Just like there are many perspectives in graphical representation like one-, two- or three- point perspective. In the same way different people have different perspective. Earth revolves around one axis but perspective is what makes every person an axis in itself. Every person has his\her own subjective view of the world.


There are many factors that shape our perspective like genetics, culture, confirmation bias, experiences, emotions and power. Our perspective in turn shapes us for tasks which may either be easy or difficult for us. Tasks which may once seem tough and daunting with a simple change in perspective can become manageable.


Don’t let poor perspective hinder your progress and cause you stress.Every day make a choice to favour optimism. Find the silver lining in your rainbow, lesson in failure and success. Remind yourself that life ebbs and flows whatever is troubling you will eventually go away.


With dedicated efforts you can change your perspective. It is a hard task but it a sure way to achieve success.


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